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To date over 12,000 people have undertaken CCCA’s courses in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural competence. We believe it is important to share the feedback from our learners to demonstrate the positive and significant impact of CCCA’s cultural competence courses.

Learner testimonials

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I have worked in Aboriginal Affairs for many years and this is the best training I have ever participated in. I learnt so much and would recommend this to everyone - in fact I already have.

I have attended a few Cultural Competency courses over the past 7 years that have been good. However, I have to say that I have learnt so much more from this course. It has been excellent.

I have spent a good part of my working life working with and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples/organisations and services, and I found the content to be informative, challenging and thought provoking.

If this course is not mandatory, it should be. Not only is it imperative for us to better understand Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, but it also starts a thought process of our own culture, and how we may assume and impose our own cultural 'norms' onto others.

Great course at a foundation level, very informative, should be introduced as an induction requirement in every Public Service work environment.

This course provided me, as an Aboriginal person, an even greater insight and understanding of not only the diversity of our culture but the political and social impacts on our people. It was a very worthwhile course that I certainly learned a lot from. I would recommend others undertake it - both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff. It was structured and delivered in such a way that the learning provided an opportunity to both learn and reflect on the topics. It is factual without being a lecture or imposing guilt.

While I was only moderately interested to take yet another course, once into it I was pleasantly surprised. The presentation with its part text and part video of actual real people, who are part of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, was brilliant. My interest to develop my own knowledge of the subject matter is now high, and I have learned much in these past hours. The fascination with the content spurned me on to finish the course within 2 days, staying up late at night to do so.

Loved it... learned a lot. Will definitely be more mindful of culturally appropriate behaviour and historical issues when interacting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

As an Aboriginal woman, I found the course very informative and I was impressed by the information provided. I am very aware of my own culture but still managed to pick up on some areas that I have not been exposed to in my life or that did not form part of my learning in my community. What particularly impressed me was the Torres Strait Islander information, as I did not realise how much I did not know about that culture. I will certainly be encouraging the organisation that I am employed with to consider this course as the initial cultural awareness package for Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff. I enjoyed the course enormously and my thoughts are that any improvement I can make in directing the service delivery in this district can work in tandem with community expectations and my obligation as an Indigenous person.

Exceptionally detailed content, well written, intellectually challenging and intriguing.

I have learnt so much from this course - especially about Torres Strait peoples. I have found this a very emotional journey and have taken time going through each unit. I feel more confident but know that I still have a long way to go. I will keep reading/researching etc. to find out more and more.

This course has built on my previous knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander history and culture, and my experience in working with Indigenous peoples on a professional level. I recommend that all staff complete this course, and it be compulsory training for all people prior to/or starting work in positions involving interaction with Indigenous peoples.

The training has given me a deeper understanding and appreciation of the history, culture and current issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today. It was presented well and easily understood.

This course taught me about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples perspective and issues, which I didn't really understand before. I have wanted training like this for a number of years and I am finding what I learnt as very valuable.

I have completed University studies with Indigenous content that don't compare with this course, it was very informative and to hear from Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people themselves held great meaning to the content.

I found this course very insightful and I learnt a few new things that being Koorie myself I wasn’t too sure on. I think this course should be in all work places to better the service delivery of all Aboriginal people. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this course. Interesting, engaging, challenging, enough to awaken the need to undertake more research and training.

The on-line training was really good, especially being able to access the course at home as well as work. Thank you for helping me to build my confidence to work with my Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

I found the overview very useful. I thought I was reasonably knowledgeable of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander cultures but have learnt a great deal that I will incorporate into my work immediately.

I think this was a very comprehensive and well-structured course, and suitable for my colleagues. I liked this course, I learnt more by doing it, and as it was self-paced I was able to 'fit it in' my workday.

Although I already knew a lot of the course content, I learned some things that were like jigsaw pieces falling into place to complete a picture.

A very comprehensive yet accessible course. Self-paced modules are flexible. Length of components was manageable. Information on Torres Strait Islander peoples was very interesting and new for me. Thank you.

I was pleasantly surprised. I have not done online cultural training before and was biased towards face-to-face learning. However, I have found that the mixed media and variety helpful and engaging. I have learnt more about issues, which I felt I already had some knowledge and really related to the individual stories and reflections especially from their different perspectives. I am keen to follow up this new understanding in my work and conversations I have with Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal colleagues and friends.

I found the use of peoples real stories in the videos excellent, this reinforced that every person is an individual and has had an individual experience.

Before working through this course I had more knowledge of the problems and history of the African Americans than I did of the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. It really opened my eyes and changed my views. Well done.

This course contained a very good foundation of knowledge and information relating to Indigenous peoples. It has encouraged me to take up further learning opportunities in my personal time.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to improve my understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. It was a very rewarding and enriching experience personally and professionally.

This course was very educational and relevant to my job working as a registered nurse. I learnt a lot from this course. I now feel confident and comfortable when it comes to working with both Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders.

This training has enabled me to gain understanding of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture at suitable pace and time convenient to me. I believe this training will allow me to be more confident when dealing with members of the local Aboriginal community.

I found the overall content of the training to be very interesting; at the beginning it was upsetting for me. I thought to myself that I needed to be strong at heart to go through with the training. Being Aboriginal it makes you sad, and strong at the same time. Doing the training I think made me stronger to have a little more knowledge and understanding about what happened over the years before I was born. I would recommend this course to all people; it should be introduced into schools as part of school certificate's, and at TAFE and university. The course also gave me an understanding how to deal with different situations, in the community, work related and personal life experiences.

This course should be mandatory to every non-Indigenous Australian citizen. It should be taught in schools.

This is a great course that will hopefully encourage open-mindedness and awareness of cultural similarities and differences between not only Indigenous culture and the wider Australian culture, but between all cultures. It is quite thorough and having accounts from Aboriginal people help make the information relevant and real.

It encouraged me to think but did not blame me.

I feel very honoured to have been able to participate and learn more about a culture that I was not overly familiar with. Becoming far more aware of Indigenous issues, beliefs and practices that I can utilise in my work place to improve and make more accessible health care for Indigenous peoples by making a conscious effort to ensure cultural safety.

This course has certainly made me more culturally aware and has made me take more notice and absorb more when a discussion or anything about Indigenous people is brought up. I really did not have a desire to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their culture and beliefs - where as now I am willing to be more open-minded and not just do what I have to do because of my employment. I now have more empathy, a lot of myths were certainly cleared up for me.

I really enjoyed the entire course - it has certainly provided depth to my understanding of the current and past circumstances of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander situation.

Fantastic course and appropriate length/duration. Should be mandatory for all new staff and existing staff.

This course is incredibly informative and interesting and would give anyone who works in government at the service-delivery level some really useful information to use on a day-today basis. Equally, on a personal level as a non-Indigenous Australian, it has really reinforced the importance of learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. It has really inspired me to learn a lot more. Well done to the people who contributed to putting this together, it has been fantastic.

I think all members of the public service and private organisations should undertake this course.

A great course that sets out information in a logical order and builds each component upon the last. A huge amount of information presented in a really interesting way, the videos are a great way to illustrate history and the present. This course has provided more of a context for the local course I completed a year ago.

Thank you for the opportunity to engage in this course. It has afforded me a greater appreciation of the issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and will no doubt allow me to engage more effectively with the local community and ensure our children and families fully benefit from our education and learning support programs.

This is an excellent course, which I recommend to anyone who wants to know about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their culture and the best way to engage with them.

I am very appreciative to have done this course as it has given me insight and will help me engage with the community better.

Thank you allowing me to Participate in this course. I have found it a valuable learning experience & it has really opened my mind & view things differently. I also think that this will be a useful education tool for my kids, as I will endeavour to pass on what I have learnt. To make them more culturally aware within society, especially at school & further down the track in their working life.

This course filled in a number of gaps in my cultural appreciation awareness and has provided a base on which to increase my awareness and understanding into the future.

I have really enjoyed this course, it's been easy to engage and I love the fact that I could complete it at home around my family and work commitments. Thank you!

Thank you for having this course available, this course and more like it should be in our education curriculum for all schools and all Australians and cultures should complete this course. I wish I had completed this course years ago.

Brilliant information! Very well designed course easy to get through because of the format as well as how interesting the information is.

I have not grown up with any extended family or had any experience with cultural life and found the course to be very educational and emotionally challenging. I feel much more confident now in approaching and interacting with other Aboriginal people having learned the necessary protocols to proceed.

Download CCCA Learner Testimonials